_Moong Halwa _Pista pudding_Delight I prepared fusion dish for making This dess…

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_Moong Halwa _Pista pudding_Delight

I prepared fusion dish🍮 for making This dessert…. which is Moong daal Halwa (Indian sweet) and pista pudding with cream cheese . 😍😋 Pistachio pudding is a green pudding made from pistachio nuts and occasionally contains small chunks of almonds…
Hope you like it.



1/2 litre milk
3/4 condensed milk tin
15 gms agar agar
Pista powder
A pinch of green food colour


🌸In a pan pour 3/4 cup of water and add agar agar, keep it aside for 15 mins.
🌸Now take a pan pour milk, after one boil add condensed milk and pista powder and bring it to another boil. Off the flame and keep aside.
🌸Now switch on a flame and keep that agar agar pan on it. Let it cook till it desolve.
🌸When it all desolve add that pista and condensed milk batter in this. To make green colour use pinch of food colour. And give it a nice stir. .and let it cook for 5 mins.
🌸 Pour this in a greased plate and refrigerate for setting. After it sets, cut into round shape In two piece. Keep aside.


1 cup Ghee
3 cups Milk
1 cup (150 gms)
Moong Dal (dhuli)
3 tbsp
2tbsp chopped almonds
Raisins 3 tbsp
Pistachio, Chopped

🌸Clean and soak the moong dal for 30 minutes and grind to a coarse paste.
🌸 In a pan, heat ghee & fry the dal paste on a low flame until it turns golden brown.
Add milk and keep stirring continuously.
🌸Continue to cook on a low flame, until the milk dries up. Add milkmaid and keep stirring continuously, until you reach the desired consistency.
🌸 Now add 2 tbsp ghee and chopped nuts . Mix well . Moong Daal halwa is ready . Now keep aside.

👉Now we will assemble these. First keep pista pudding cut in round shape. Now put Moong Halwa also in round shape . Then again put pista pudding. Garnish with cream cheese and coral. Enjoy 😊


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